Important Notice: Applying for the ERAP is free and one-on-one application assistance for tenants is available in English and Spanish by contacting the ERAP Call Center at (866) 375-9114. Tenants should be wary of anyone requesting payment to complete an ERAP application.

Reporting Potentially Unsafe Living Conditions: Tenant safety is important to us. Tenants wishing to report unsafe living conditions may call the following numbers based on where they live: City of Tampa (813) 274-5545, Plant City (813) 659-4200, Temple Terrace (813) 506-6690, or Hillsborough County (813) 274-6600.

Need additional financial assistance due to the pandemic? If you have already received a payment through this program but the pandemic continues to economically impact you and/or your family, you may apply again for past-due rent and utility obligations. To apply, you MUST log in using your current account information and your prior application must be in PAID status (you may confirm by accessing the Manage Existing Application page).

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Rapid Response Recovery (R3) Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Hillsborough County's R3 Emergency Rental Assistance Program is intended to assist County renters and landlords directly impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners created this program to direct federal funds in a manner that provides immediate relief, prevents homelessness, and supports long-term community health and stability.

Program Details

This program will help our community's COVID-19-impacted renters cover some or all of their past-due rent and utilities through payments to their landlords and utility provider.

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Please apply if you are a renter, have read about the program, and believe you qualify to receive financial assistance.

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